The moment you take responsibility
for everything in your life
is the moment you can change
anything in your life.

Hal Elrod

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Empowerment Engineering + Hypnotherapy Coaching

What our empowerment engineering coaching program gives you:

  • Informational Intake
  • Who Are You Now
  • Who Do You Want To Be

  • Communication
  • Identity
  • The Right Path

  • Building Blocks
  • Observation
  • Taking Responsibility

  • Be Your Authentic Self
  • Your New Story
  • Further Development

  • New Beliefs and Values
  • Priorities and Objectives
  • Getting Clarity

  • The Power Within
  • Meshing of the Minds
  • Your Personal Best

Clinical Hypnotherapy Seattle

    • Francis Killory, CMS-CHt.
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy is a state of consciousness that is used by licensed instructors to perform hypnosis and induce a hypnotic state. Clinical Hypnotherapy Seattle, Francis Killory, CMS-CHt.

Way of Life: Lifestyle Balancing

      • Packages are customized for each client.
      • Goals include but are not limited to: relationships, weight loss, workout, stress relief, time management, solution oriented thinking, sports performance, endurance, health & fitness.

Motivation and Inspiration: Empowerment Engineering

      • Creativity inspiration, confidence, motivation, stop procrastinating, calming & relaxing techniques, and problem solving & focus, endurance, health and fitness.

Mental Repose: Accessing Serenity

      • Improve visualization, deep breathing, quiet your mind, harmony with your surroundings, how to love yourself.

Managing Stress: Calm Composure

      • Letting go of limiting decisions, anxiety release, stress release, self confidence booster, be centered.

Personal Expansion: Mental Morale

      • Attractive to others, believe in yourself, confidence booster, body confidence, trust yourself, age progression, be centered, compassion cultivation, inner artist, how to love yourself, personal growth.
      • Audition confidence, job interview, assertiveness, poise, successful small talk, new job composure, make friends easily.

Thinking Ability: Cerebral Aptitude

      • Abundance mind set, thinking organization, overcome procrastination, positive thinking, self talk coaching, stop comparing yourself, be solution oriented, recollection, mental outlook, mental clarity, release victim mentality, trust your instincts, quiet your inner critic.

MP3 – Personalized Guided Imagery

Time is of the essence? Try this short Calming, Confidence Building and Relaxing Reflection Adjustment
Specific Event? Auditions, Tests, Public Speaking, Interviews, Nerves, Presentations, Medical Procedures.

      • In person or over the phone – as long as you have a comfortable place to sit and/or recline*
      • This script can be adjusted to include your specific event or concern.

*Not to be done while driving!
**Must be scheduled and prepaid via our website 24 hours before the session.
Under special circumstances and time permitting, may be able to fit in last minute sessions.

Long Distance

      • Skype Video Sessions
      • Telephone Sessions

OnLine Group Sessions

    • Coming soon

First step for new clients:

Please schedule a free 15-minute consultation call to see if we are a right fit.